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Hi guys,
where can I find all 2017 eps of Chronicle and Janiben?? Lately Ariehen sekai hasn't uploated the eps and honestly I cannot find them...
Thank you!!!♥
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We're back with the results for 14th anniversary poll! First of all, thank you so much for your participation. It was a lot of fun for us as well, to see how the song preferences have changed!

And now, the results.

First up, the top 20 songs (there are more than 20 songs in total, as some songs tied with the same number of votes)

Top 20 songs
1. U R not alone | NEVERLAND (2017/3/22) - 56 votes
2. Full Swing フルスイング | Chankapana (2012/7/18) - 42 votes
3. I・ZA・NA・I・ZU・KI (includes votes for both versions) - 30 votes (17 for 2017 ver, 13 for 2005 ver)
4. Sakura Girl さくらガール (includes votes for both versions) - 28 votes (16 for 2010 ver, 12 for 2017 ver)
5. Aikotoba 愛言葉 | White (2015/2/25) - 26 votes
5. Silent Love | NEVERLAND (2017/3/22) - 26 votes
7. SNOW EXPRESS | color (2008/11/19) - 19 votes
8. Cherish チェリッシュ(includes votes for both versions) - 18 votes (13 for 2005 single ver, 5 for 2005 album ver)
8. Endless Summer エンドレス・サマー| LIVE (2010/9/15) - 18 votes
10. Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E 恋を知らない君へ | Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E (2016/7/13) - 17 votes
11. BLACK FIRE | NEVERLAND (2017/3/22) - 16 votes
11. Chankapana チャンカパーナ | Chankapana (2012/7/18) - 16 votes
13. DREAMS | Akaku Moyuru Taiyou (2004/8/11) - 15 votes
13. Kaguya | Kaguya (2015/1/7) - 15 votes
13. weeeek | weeeek (2007/11/7) - 15 votes
16. BYAKUYA | White (2015/2/25) - 14 votes
16. SUMMER TIME | SUMMER TIME (2008/5/8) - 14 votes
18. Share - 13 votes (8 for 2010 album ver, 5 for LIVE AT TOKYO DOME ver)
19. Kibou ~Yell~ 希望~Yell~ | Kibou~Yell~ (2004/5/12) - 12 votes
20. Hoshi wo Mezashite 星をめざして | Hoshi wo Mezashite (2007/3/21) - 11 votes
20. Koi Matsuri 恋祭り | NEWS (2013/7/17) - 11 votes
20. White Love Story | White (2015/2/25) - 11 votes

The following are the popularity rankings for the albums and singles based on the number of votes the songs making up the respective works received.

Album popularity ranking
1. NEVERLAND (2017/3/22) - 147 votes
2. NEWS (2013/7/17) - 103 votes
3. White (2015/2/25) - 87 votes
4. color (2008/11/19) - 86 votes
5. LIVE (2010/9/15) - 80 votes
6. touch (2005/4/27) - 57 votes
7. QUARTETTO (2016/3/9) - 54 votes
8. pacific (2007/11/7) - 38 votes

Single popularity ranking
1. Chankapana (2012/7/18) - 58 votes
2. EMMA (2017/2/8) - 44 votes
3. weeeek (2007/11/7) - 31 votes
4. Kaguya (2015/1/7) - 29 votes
5. Koi wo Shiranai Kimi E (2016/7/13) - 28 votes
6. Sakura Girl (2010/3/31) - 23 votes
7. Hikari no Shizuku/ Touch (2016/1/20) - 21 votes
8. Akaku Moyuru Taiyou (2004/8/11) - 18 votes
8. Cherish (2005/3/16) - 18 votes
10. Hoshi wo Mezashite (2007/3/21) - 17 votes
11. Taiyou no Namida (2008/2/27) - 15 votes
11. Koi no ABO (2009/4/29) - 15 votes
11. World Quest/ Pokopon Pekourya (2012/12/12) - 15 votes
14. SUMMER TIME (2008/5/8) - 14 votes
15. Kibou~Yell~ (2004/5/12) - 13 votes
16. Happy Birthday (2008/10/1) - 12 votes
16. One -for the win- (2014/6/11) - 12 votes
16. Yon Juushi (2015/11/25) - 12 votes
19. Sayaendou/ Hadashi no Cinderella Boy (2006/3/15) - 11 votes
19. Chumu Chumu (2015/6/24) - 11 votes
21. NEWS Nippon (2003/11/7) - 9 votes
21. Fighting Man (2010/11/3) - 9 votes
23. TEPPEN (2005/7/13) - 4 votes

For the full list of the votes for each song, please refer to the original poll post here.

Thank you so much for your participation again, and we hope you had as much fun as we did, looking back on and celebrating 14 years of NEWS.
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密着!U18侍ジャパン ~世界に嵐を巻き起こせ!~[字]
File type flv
File quality LQ~MQ
File size 511.0mb

Aiba's high school baseball documentary broadcasted only in Kansai! ヽ(*‘◇‘*)ノ
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Originally posted by eiko_lotus at Translation Non No vol 116

Translation Non No vol 116

Click on the picture to read :)

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Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO.

You can get it here at my journal :)
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NEWS news 2.jpg

  • Sorashige Book (10 Sep)

    • Shige started off by reading off some listener mail about ‘Inochi no Uta’. He read three messages from listeners giving their thoughts about the program.

      The first message said that the the program made them thankful for peace all over again, and said they were glad to be able to hear ‘Ayame’ and ‘U R not alone’.

      The second message was from a listener who said that they had talked with a victim of the bomb when they were younger, but that had been many years ago and the program made them think of how they were living taking many things for granted. The also praised ‘Ayame’ and said they were glad to be his fan.

      The last message was from a listener who also said that it made them think about war again and the power of music.

      Shige said there were many other message as well, and that humans have a tendency to forget, but to remember is important for peace. Also that when you hear the words ‘war song’  you tend to think of it as a too heavy topic and keep your distance from it, but NHK did a great job with making it a fun and educational program. He also talked about going on location in Hiroshima and hearing the stories of tragedy directly from the survivors, and that it had a big impact on him and he doesn’t want to ever forget.

      He also talked about the ‘Ayame’ and ‘U R not alone’ performances. He said that he was really happy with the ‘U R not alone’ performance and he felt that they were able to perform it in a new way thanks to the staff’s hard work. Even though the purpose of the program wasn’t to promote NEWS, he’s glad that ended up being an interesting opportunity for NEWS and he hopes that someone found encouragement in their performance. The Shonen Club team apparently also helped with both performances, for instance cameramen, lighting, and directing. He said it was fun and interesting to think of a new way to arrange and perform ‘Ayame’ since it’s something he wrote on his own. air:man also helped a lot, and although it was difficult he thinks that the ‘Inochi no Uta’ performance has it’s own charms and strong points compared to the concert version. He thanked the staff for all their hard work and for responding  to his demands.


    • The next message was from a listener who asked if he’s watching the drama ‘Hello hari nezumi’ and that they really like the theme song.

      Shige said that he was watching, especially since his sempai, Morita Go, was in it. He said it’s really interesting and leaves him wondering what will happen each time and that he had been looking forward to it even before it started. He said he also liked the theme song, and the collaboration between SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS and Radwimps’ Noda Yojiro. He’s been buying S&PS’s CDs since he was in highschool. He played the song ‘Yumemakase’ by SOIL &“PIMP”SESSIONS feat. Yojiro Noda.

    • The next message was from a listener who said that they were looking forward to his play and asked if he was able to catch a tuna.

      Shige said that this year he went fishing about 4 times, this year the typhoons dragged on a bit so there were a lot of days he couldn’t go out. He went out a few days after a typhoon passed and there were big ones jumping about and everyone else seemed to be able to catch tuna, and there was a lot of pressure since his fishing friends want him to be able to catch one since he’s being trying so hard for so long. He’s been restudying fishing techniques, how to cast, how to reel them in, lures etc. since fishing techniques and practices are always evolving. He managed to hook one twice, but each time they got away. He told the story of how he hooked a big one, it felt to be about 40 kg, and his rule is that you can’t call it a tuna if it isn’t at least 20kg. He was trying to reel it in and after about 15 minutes he was completely exhausted, but his fishing buddies have a rule that you reel in your tuna all on your own. So, even if he asked them to take over and help him out they wouldn’t’ve done it. He was so tired he wanted to throw out all his equipment. He tried for about 30 minutes and the fish was about about 20 m away before it got away.

      He also talked about how he recently went drinking with Snow Man’s Watanabe Shota. Shige had been drinking with staff, and they said that recently they often went drinking Kis-My-Ft2’s Nikaido Takashi, so they decided to call him to come out and join them and he brought Watanabe with him. Shige said that he’d never really talked to Watanabe much before but they talked about various things and he said that he’s a good guy, a cute kid who also apparently has mentioned Shige as a sempai he’s interested in before.

    • ♪ Fighting Man ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (12 Sep)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • Koyama started off talking about how he was late last week and Kchan NEWS turned into Tchan NEWS. Koyama said that he had a lot of meetings so Tegoshi started the radio by himself and that he did well despite not having done radio on his own before. S: He’s surprisingly serious when he puts his mind to it.

      Koyama said that Tegoshi should do a radio show and Shige joked that he should give Tegoshi Kchan NEWS and Koyama laughed saying that having Tchan NEWS occasionally would be good and he’d want to come as the guest.

      They also talked about 24hr TV, and how Shige came towards the beginning and Koyama said it made him feel at ease to have him there. Shige said that he couldn’t stay until the end because he had to leave for practice. Koyama said after it ended, Shige and Tegoshi both sent him very passionate messages with their thoughts about the program. Koyama commented that Massu probably watched but didn’t send a message. Usually Massu won’t send a message but some time later when they meet up for work he’ll make a comment about it that’ll show that he watched.

      Koyama also commented that he got a DVD of the drama a few days before it aired so he was able to watch it early. Shige said that the producer said that when he was doing the casting for Tokura Shunichi, Shige naturally came to mind which made him happy.

      Koyama talked about how afterwards in the group chat with Sho and Kame, they told each other ‘Good work!’ and said that it’d be nice if the 3 of them could work on something together again and Shige asked him to share some behind the scenes episodes of the 3 of them.

      K: Well, speaking of behind the scenes stories, the three of us shared a dressing room. Dressing rooms have the people’s names written on a paper don’t they? It said Sakurai Sho-sama, Kamenashi Kazuya-sama, and Koyama Keiichiro-sama. From my point of view, it felt like is it really ok for me to be here? Since they’re both sempai. Also we all came in at the same time, and there were 3 places to get makeup done, and when we were all getting our makeup done we’re all different. For example, Sho-kun reads the newspaper while having his makeup done, and Kamenashi-kun is really like an actress. S: Hahaha K: He has a foot massager that he places by his feet S:I get what you mean, he’s really like an actress. K: And one of those things they have at beauty salons, a mist like thing. S: A steamer? K: He put a lotion like thing on his face and then did a mask. It really was like an actress.

      Koyama comment on how he doesn’t really do any of that, he just spends the time talking to the makeup artist, reading his script, cutting his nails, or playing on his phone. He said that they didn’t really have a lot of time that they spent together in the dressing room, but the three of them went over the dance to Anpanman together. When they practiced it there, they all did it really energetically, but when he looked back on the video he was surprised because Sho danced it really smoothly and Kame did it as his character, Bem, and he was the only one dancing even more energetically than Anpanman. Shige reassured him that it had been a good performance.

      Koyama said that for Arashi’s song ‘One Love’, you really can’t mess up the choreography to a sempai’s song so he and Kame went over it a lot together. When he sent in their chat that he was nervous about it Sho replied jokingly that he was nervous for ‘One Love’ too.

      Shige also commented on how Koyama’s ‘older brother’ aura during it made him feel a bit embarrassed, that he thought he would be more like ‘yay!!’ but instead it was more like ‘Thanks so much for coming’.

    • ♪ Nagareboshi ♪

    • The next message was from a listener who commented oh how Koyama wrote in his Jweb inviting the other members to come to his dressing room and asked if they really did.

      Koyama said that he had written that, and that for about 30 minutes, before they sang ‘U R not alone’, his, Kame, and Sho’s dressing room became NEWS’ dressing room. K: Everyone came in, and first of all Tegoshi threw open the refrigerator door asking ‘Can I drink this? Can I drink this?’ trying to drink and eat Sho-kun’s things, so I was like ‘Wait, this isn’t just my dressing room.’ He was doing things like asking ‘Whose is this?’ while pointing to Sho-kun’s newspaper. Tegoshi was getting the most carried away and then Shige was happily joining in. S: We all sang something, like ‘Don’t worry♪’ K: Shige was singing ‘Don’t worry♪’ in my left ear and Tegoshi in my right ear. In that volume. ‘Don’t worry♪’ I really didn’t like it. S: Why? Didn’t it cheer you up? I mean, it was when you were really tired, after noon. K: Yeah, you guy were having fun weren’t you. Thinking I was tired. S: We did it genuinely out of worry, trying to cheer you up. Didn’t it cheer you up? K: Tegoshi was like ‘I get it Kei-chan, around this time is when you get really tired right? That’s why I’m purposefully acting excited.’ So I said I understood. But after Shige sang ‘Don’t worry♪’ you didn’t say anything to me. You weren’t really worried were you. (both laugh) S: Really? I guess I was really focused on what I had to do.

      Koyama also said that about 20 minutes before he had to go on Massu realized that he had forgotten to get his makeup done, and was going around like ‘Oh no! Oh no!’. In the end, Koyama said he was glad to be able to see the members who do things on their own pace.

      Koyama said that he was glad that it went without a hitch, and about how people were asking him if he really didn’t know that Buruzon Chiemi was going to be the runner and he said he really didn’t know til right before.

    • ♪ Greedier ♪

    • Last was the ‘Solving your problems! Summer time’ segment. The message was from a listener who said that they have trouble apologizing. When they bump into a stranger they have no problem saying sorry, but when they get in trouble with their parents, their pride gets in the way and they can’t apologize. Since, they have younger siblings, they want to be a good role model and become able to say it.

      Shige said that there was a time when he was like that too, Koyama asked him if he went through a rebellious period. S: I don’t say sorry. I didn’t do anything wrong to begin with! I’m perfect! K: Well, even now this person can’t even say thank you. (laughing)

      Koyama commented on how afterwards you regret not being able to say sorry to your parents even when you know you’re wrong. Shige commented that it’s something that years later you acknowledge that you were wrong and thinking back on those events make you feel really thankful for them later. Koyama asked Shige if he’s seen his parents recently and he said that he sees them fairly frequently, though he’s not the type to get them flowers on Mother or Father’s day and he doesn’t get them gifts every single year. Koyama commented that they seemed close, that Shige and his mother are like friends. Shige said because they’re close like that he doesn’t really say thank you or sorry. Shige said that he thought that Koyama and Tegoshi are both closer to their parents than he is, and how they spend Sundays with their mothers. K: Tegoshi’s so cute, at work he’ll say ‘My mother’s coming over today so I’m heading home!’ S: The other day during a shoot he said ‘My mother’s coming, I think I’ll bring back some grapes!’ K: (laughing) So cute! S: What’s with him! Being like, I’ll bring home Shine Muscat! K: He’s a good guy. S: But then the delivery failed, and he looked like he was thinking ‘Ugh! But I was going to give them to my mother!’ and he said to his manager ‘She’ll be around tomorrow so bring them then!’ K: Cute… He’s the type that can show affection to his mother with no hesitation.

    • At the end Koyama talked about his drama a bit saying that they had finished reading over the script and tried on the costumes.

  • Tegomass no Radio (13 Sep)

    • At the opening, they talked about how 18 Sep is the “Respect for the Aged Day” in Japan. Tegoshi asked them how much they understood about such public holidays, and said he knew nothing about the meaning behind each day. Massu said he doesn’t really remember these dates, and usually only find out through the calendar on his phone, or when it gets unusually crowded on a weekday. Tegoshi mentioned that these public holidays have nothing to do with all 3 of them, or rather, he doesn’t like public holidays as it gets very crowded. Sakura agreed, saying that there were times when she thought it was a weekday and went out, only to find it exceptionally crowded. T: Do you have any stories? Like how nice your grandparents were to you, though Sakura-chan probably doesn’t. Sakura: Why! I have the most stories! T: No way! Sakura: We’re living together! T: Even now? Sakura: Yeah! T: Now? (in English) Sakura: Yes! With my grandma. Now. Now. (“Now” in English). Sakura shared a story of how her grandma has large breasts and Sakura likes touching her sideboobs. Tegoshi then asked Massu about his grandparents. He said they’re close, though he doesn’t meet them very much, and he’ll think, “Grandma shrank a little” when he meets them after a long while. Tegoshi asked if he meets them for the New Year’s. Massu replied that he doesn’t, and he goes visit when there isn’t anything special, when he has time. He said it’s important to do that and hopes to do more, like take them on trips and all that. Tegoshi then shared his story of how his grandmother usually protects him from his parents when they get mad at him. And because his grandmother is so nice, his dog, Skull-kun, who doesn’t really stick to people other than Tegoshi, will go to his grandma too. M: Oh you mean that stinky dog? T: Bakayaro! It’s my (suddenly switches to baby talk mode) Skull-kun... Sakura: No, no… M: AHHHH! (Tegoshi continues his baby talk) M: Shall we move on to the request! Sakura: Yes!

    • (Tegoshi baby talks in the background throughout the entire time Sakura was reading the request) So the first listener requested for Tegomass’ “Ai Ai Gasa”. She likes the part of the lyrics that go “Akireru hodo suki ni natta” (I’m shocked by how much I love you). As it’s been raining a lot recently, she hopes they’d play this song. After reading the mail, Sakura said how the lyrics happen to coincide with Tegoshi and Skull-kun right now and she got a little irritated by that. T: He’s family! He’s family. Sakura: Yeah okay. M: Okay, please listen to this song. Tegomass’ “Ai Ai Gasa”.

    • For the next mail, it became Massu and Sakura’s turn to talk over Tegoshi reading the mail, and he ended up yelling it out. So the listener asked what kind of colours Tegomass likes their sports items to be, and if they have any recommendations for sports items. When he was done, Tegoshi yelled at them to not remove their earphones. And they talked about how while they could just react by removing their earphones, the listeners probably have it rough. (M: Like, “Tegoshi’s noisy”. T: Ah really? While that can’t be helped, since people were talking when I was reading.) They talked about how there are probably a lot more fashionable sports items for women than for men. For Tegoshi, even though he owns a lot of jerseys from the different teams, he has more of those in white, as it can get very hot, especially now. They asked Sakura if she owns any sports wear, as she doesn’t do any sports. She said she does, in case she ever needed them for work, but she has hardly ever used them. M: Don’t you exercise? Sakura: No. M: It’s definitely better if you do. Sakura: Yeah. I was told recently, really just a few days back, by my manager that my butt is sagging so go to the gym. T: Hahahaha. M: Your male manager? T: He really speaks his mind. M: He does. That’s something really hard to say to a female. The two of them then made her stand and make a turn, following which there was a slight silence, and they started laughing. Sakura: What? WHAT? (sigh) T: Well, well- M: Let’s move on to the next mail. T, M: HAHHAHAHA! Sakura: Hey! That’s as good as saying my butt is sagging! T: No no. M: But we didn’t! Sakura: HEY! T: We didn’t say that! M: We wouldn’t. Sakura: It’s better if you did then! T: We didn’t, we didn’t. M: We chose not to say that. Sakura: Which means you thought that! M: Ah. Sakura: MAN. T: Let’s move to the next one. M: Yup. Sakura: This sucks, it ended at how my butt is sagging. M: (high pitched voice) WELL! Here’s the next mail.

    • The next listener wrote about how there was once she went out together with her mum, her friend, and her friend’s mum, and her friend said that the way she talks is similar to her mum. She had never realised that, and maybe they really do talk similarly because they are family. She asked them if they are similar to their parents in any way, or if they have ever been told to be similar to their parents. Tegoshi said while his father has passed away, he has a body as strong as his father’s. He recovers really fast from injuries, hardly catches the cold, and even if he does start feeling under the weather, he just needs to drink one of those energy drinks and he’ll recover even without going to the doctor’s. His father will go to work the very next day even with a fever of 40 degree celsius. He used to call his father the “Terminator”. He probably looks like his mother, though they are complete opposites personality wise - him, who likes to stand out, and his mother, who tries to blend into the crowd. Massu said he gets the impression that people say he looks like his parents just for the sake of saying it. Like if he goes out for a meal with his mother, and happens to introduce her as his mother, they will reply, “You really look alike!” and to him, that’s just what people tend to say in such situations, even if they don’t look very much alike in truth. He doesn’t really think he looks like his parents. Tegoshi asked if any of them likes clothes, and Massu said they both do. (T: That’s in the DNA!) Massu said he probably started liking clothes because of what his parents had him wear, and he’s liked clothes since he was in elementary school. T: So that’s from your parents! I don’t think the members knew. M: Serious? Well, remember that then. T: Uh yeah. I thought that part suddenly got awakened in you. Like talking on and on and on and on about clothes like an idiot- Sakura: Haha like an idiot… M: OEI! From when I was a kid! I was fashionable since I was little. T: Oh really. And your parents too? M: They liked clothes from the start too. T, Sakura: HEHHHH~~ M: Well, of course they are not as particular about their clothes now, but they still wear what they like. Sakura: That’s nice. Sakura then shared that she’s probably 90% like her father. T: In what sense? Sakura: Like our hobbies and stuff- M: NINETY percent? Really? Which means your father is pretty much like this? Sakura: My father is pretty much like me. Our hobbies… M: So 90% is right. Sakura: Yes, 90%. M: Don’t lie about that. Sakura: It’s not a lie. It’s definitely the truth. T: So your father is fair-skinned too? Sakura: The parts that are covered up, like the stomach and all are super fair. T: Your father is an indoors person too? Sakura: Yeah, they are not the type to make a din with their friends. M: Your mum too? Sakura: Yeap. Sakura further shared that they all don’t drink alcohol, and like Japanese culture like katana and all. Tegoshi said they’ll probably be sad if Sakura got married, especially since they’re staying together and all. Sakura said they’ve given up on that already. Massu asked if they’ll say no if she said she was getting married, and she said they probably would, though the topic doesn’t come up anymore since they’ve given up on that. But she’s never brought any boyfriend to meet her parents, because they said there wasn’t a need to, “Since you’ll break up anyway”. They talked a little about how she’s the only child, well so is Tegoshi, but it’s different for sons and daughters. And how only childs have 100% of the parents’ love (M: Well, to put it simply, I had 50% of their love, but that 50% was their 100%. So you guys probably had about 250% of their love) After which, they joked a bit about the Japanese phrase of how a child is so cute, it wouldn’t hurt even if you put the child into your eyes, and both of their parents would do that (M: But you’ll get injured!)

    • The following listener said they hardly use the stickers and stuff that comes along with the CDs and asked how they use the things that come with the CDs or clothes they buy. Massu said if there was just one sticker that came with the clothes he bought, he wouldn’t use it immediately. Tegoshi shared that Koyama and Kato stuck the stickers from WHITE onto his DS without his permission, just because it was white. Massu said Shige tends to do such things, like sticking stickers of his face onto the manager’s computer, such that he’s borderlining being possessive. Tegoshi then mentioned how he’s got the stickers of himself, Koyama and Kato on his phone, but not Masuda-san. M: Eh? Koyama, Kato and Tegoshi’s stickers are on Tegoshi’s phone and only mine is not? T: Because you haven’t given me yours. M: That’s as if we don’t get along! Sakura: Hahhaa… M: Hahaha. T: Well I stuck mine myself because, well it’s mine. And Shige probably stuck his without permission because it was there when I returned from a recording. And Masuda-san’s stickers came the latest, right? M: Yeah I only got mine recently. T: Right? So they weren’t ready yet. Sakura: Huh… I see. M: That’s terrible, you can’t remove your case. Sakura: Yeah you can’t. T: It’s like, only 3 quarters of NEWS is on my phone- Sakura: That’s dangerous! T: -and if I removed the case, there’ll probably be talks of how we don’t get along. M: Yeah they would. And on top of that, the power balance is amazing. Tegoshi is really huge, so there isn’t even space left to stick me anywhere. T: We had really tiny ones made too! So you can just stick yours here. M: No no, Tegoshi is huge, and if I were tiny, then Kato, Koyama, it’d become a weird balance. Sakura: Right. T: But we had tiny Masuda made the other day, on red paper. Sakura: Then it’ll look as if Masuda-san was a bonus. T: Like he was from a different group. M: It’d be like we don’t get along. Sakura: Just by sticking. M: Then it’d be more interesting if you didn’t stick mine. Tegoshi said how he always removes his phone case at the gym since his phone is waterproof and goes to the bath like that, watching videos (M: Ah there. Talks of us not getting along. Sakura: Talks of you not getting along! T: People looking from the opposite side will think we don’t get along! HHAHAAH) Tegoshi then said again he doesn’t have Massu’s stickers and the other 2 just stuck theirs without permission. (M: Well because I’m not an only child I don’t go sticking stickers without permission. Sakura: Not all only-childs are like that!)

    • For Tegomass’ Debate, the first question was which they’d hate more - not being able to dye their hair or not being able to style their hair. Before making their decisions, they defined it as having to apply to everything, both for TV and in private. Tegoshi would hate not being able to dye his hair, as he doesn’t do anything to his hair in private, so much so that he doesn’t even have hair wax at home. (M: You don’t even have hair dryers? T: I do!) So it doesn’t matter to him, and as long as he can have his hair pinned up he’ll be fine. But having black hair just doesn’t strike a chord, and he would rather keep his blond hair. So even if he doesn’t get to have his hair styled, there are many other methods, like pinning it up. Sakura pointed up that pinning it up counts as styling too. (T: Damn it. What’s that) They then discussed how even blow drying the hair counts towards styling, as you can control how you want the hair to look like when it’s dry, like a bit fluffier here, or a bit flatter there. That’s why Massu chose to be able to style his hair, even though he doesn’t wax his hair either, whether in private or for work. While it’s tough for him to say this with his red hair, he really isn’t that particular about hair colour. He just doesn’t want to clash with people, and red is a colour that goes well with his skin colour. But then again more and more people have been getting red hair… They talked a bit about whether anyone else in Johnny’s have red hair, and how Red Ranger is more than red hair before moving on to the next debate.

    • If your girlfriend was two-timing, what would you do? A: Break up immediately. B: Forgive her just once. Tegoshi chose B, as if you give people red cards for every mistake they make, the relationships will be over in a bit. So to him, it’s a yellow card. For Massu, it’s not about that. But people who cheat once, will cheat again. M: That’s all I have to say. Even if you don’t break up the first time, but break up the second time, yeah. S: I SEE. Okay the judgement...Masuda-san. T: YES!! Eh, it wasn’t me? Sakura: Why did you stand up? It was clearly Masuda-san. T: But I probably don’t have a chance when it comes to such questions. Sakura: Hahaha. T: Because I’m a bit different. Sakura: That’s true. T: And I’m aware of that. I’m weird. M: No- T: No I’m weird. Weird! Sakura: Eh? M: No, no- T: People in this line are all weird! M: Yeah yeah. T: Everyone is! M: Yeah, everyone is weird, and Tegoshi is extremely weird, but because Tegoshi acts as if he’s normal- T: Hahahhaah M: People around him appear weird. Sakura: Yup. M: But Tegoshi is extremely weird. They then asked if they should change the title to “Tegomass no Hen Radio” (Tegomass’ Weird Radio) instead.

    • For the ending this week, they let Sakura read the address bit without disturbing her at all, and said she didn’t manage to read properly even when they didn’t disturb her. Sakura: It’s better to have something happening. M: I know, right? (laughter) She apologised for all she’s said so far. Tegoshi said there will be an important announcement next week, and Massu agreed, saying it’s important for Tegomass no Radio. So they hope the listeners would listen next week too.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (15 Sep)

    • He talked about how the shop cafe staff told him about a new tumbler that they were selling, but it’s what he already has, just in a different size. And what he already had was the right size for him. Just as he put it back, the staff told him that it’s the last piece left. But he thought he didn’t need so many of the same thing, so he didn’t buy it, even though it was a design he liked. Right after he stepped away, a lady went over and bought the tumbler. When he saw that, he regretted not buying it a little, but still decided that he didn’t need so many of the same thing.

    • The first mail asked what oysters like better, raw or grilled. He said he prefers raw oysters as they feel a little special. He usually eats them with salt and lemon, and maybe a bit of soy sauce. Grilled oysters are nice too, though he has the image of oysters being eaten just as they are, after being caught from the sea, in the past.

    • ♪ Sayaendou ♪

    • The next listener said she watched 24hr TV. Even though he didn’t win, it was impressive how he managed to hold his breathe for so long. Did he practise at home in the bathroom or something for this? Massu said he went back as the defending champion with a record of about 1 min 50+ secs, and was thinking that he might not be able to hold it as long as his record for the previous year, as there will be the adrenaline rush from being there in the live programme and all. But he actually managed to hold it for about 2 mins, creating an amazing record. But he came in 3rd. Ohno-kun was first. As the listener has mentioned, Massu’s record was impressive. For the average person, if you can hold for 2 mins and not win, then you can’t win. It’s like, even being able to hold for a minute would have been painful. But Ohno-kun and the swimming athlete were amazing. When he tried practising a little by holding his breathe, he probably only managed 1.5 mins. The last time he actually held his breathe under the water would have been almost a year ago. If the same segment happens again next year, he’d target 3 mins, which is as good as holding your breathe the entire time while waiting for instant cup noodles to cook. But while, in any case, this somewhat counts as his special skill, so he hopes to level up and make full use of it when the chance comes.

    • The following listener said it was Nakamaru’s birthday on Sep 4th, and asked if he got his good friend any presents. Massu said he didn’t, but he sent Nakamaru a text at around noon on Sep 3rd, wishing him a happy birthday. Nakamaru replied saying thanks, though he’s a little early. Massu asked if he was first, and Nakamaru said yes. He hasn’t given him any presents for many years. There was once he got him a few items, maybe a Tshirt and a belt, but he’s never seen Nakamaru using them. Though people will usually try to use the presents in front of the person they received it from. So after that he probably didn’t feel like giving him anything anymore. Not like he ever received anything from Nakamaru either. But if they do meet near his birthday, he’d like to get him something again. Maybe socks or knit wear. He wished Nakamaru happy birthday again.

    • Another listener mentioned the conversation Koyama and Tegoshi had on Kchan Radio, on how if NEWS fans knew how to dance to other groups’ songs, it’s cheating on NEWS. They’d like to know how Massu feels. He said that for example, at NEWS’ concerts, there are lots of fans, like fans of other members, fans of himself, juniors’ fans...and he hates it when everybody can’t come together as one during the concert, like not getting hyped up for somebody’s solo, because “It’s got nothing to do with me”. Or for example, fans of the juniors who sit down when it’s just NEWS on stage and the juniors are not around. He can’t forgive that and that isn’t the way to go. Like he probably won’t like it if NEWS fans weren’t excited when other groups are performing for Johnny’s Countdown. He’d hope for them to enjoy everything, though obviously he’d hope for them to think of NEWS the most, and hope NEWS can make them happiest. He’d be the most happy if the fans would be most hyped up at their segment, but it’s a little sad to think that they aren’t enjoying the other segments. He may think, “Come on, read the social cue already”. And the same applies the other way round. If they were the ones performing, and they see all these fans who can’t be bothered, they’d be like, “Whose fans are these? NEWS?” and he’d hate for people to think NEWS fans as narrow-minded. How’s that? However, well, it’s a CONCERT. Of course he’d be happiest when the screams are loudest when he appears. And for NEWS during Countdown. But he hopes they’d enjoy the concert as a whole. Still, whether or not, they, and himself, is thought of as the coolest depends on the kind of performance he gives, so he’ll do his best!

    • The following listener wrote that they can do everything alone, but can’t go drinking alone. Does Massu do that? Massu listed what he can’t do alone, like going for yakiniku, hot pot and teppanyaki. Other than that he pretty much can do everything else alone. There aren’t that many occasions when he’ll just decide to go drinking by himself, but he does drink often when he’s eating. Do people usually just go drinking on its own? But he thinks he can do it, like going to bars by himself, and he’d like to do that. He actually wants to find more places he can go alone to, so he’d first go with his friends to check places out. Places that are really huge, or crowded, are hard to go alone, as people will think, “Why is Masuda here alone?” or “Isn’t he alone the entire time?”. So as long as the shop isn’t one like that, he’s cool. Though he probably doesn’t go to new places on his own very much. So he thinks drinking alone probably starts from looking for a suitable place with someone first, and hopes they manage to find a place soon.

    • The next listener talked about how people often say they crave sweet things when they’re tired, but the listener tends to prefer preserved items or lemon flavoured snacks - food that are sour. What kind of things do Massu feel like eating when he’s tired? He’s not sure, but he gets the feeling that he doesn’t quite crave for food when he’s tired. He does have cravings for things like sushi and yakiniku when he’s hungry, but when he’s tired he usually just goes, “I want to drink beer!” He referred to the time when he went on the survival trip in Tanzania. He was hungry, thirsty and tired. But at that kind of extreme, he ends up feeling just thirst the most. As he’s experienced that once, all these feelings usually come in a set, and you’d want to have something to drink the most. So it’d be beer. But sour things are great too.

    • Another listener asked if Massu eats the lemon that comes with karaage. The listener likes lemons so they eat it up like oranges, leaving just the skin behind, but the friends get surprised that the listener actually eats the lemon. But lemons are yummy, aren’t they. Massu said there’s probably only 1 slice of lemon that comes with 5-6 pieces of karaage, and he’d probably ask, “You’re eating that?” if he were around. It’s like, everyone decides to order karaage together, and the star, karaage arrives, and you reach for the lemon first?! Well, he might ask to have a slice too. Though he actually belongs to the group who doesn’t like squeezing lemons on top of his karaage. It’s like, karaage is meant to be eaten freshly fried and juicy. What are you trying to do, by making it more refreshing with the lemon?? He’s always thought that way until he heard that it’s better for your health if you squeeze lemons over the karaage. Since then, he’s been squeezing lemons on and off. To think there’s the option of eating the lemon! But since it’s rich in Vitamin C, maybe it can help prevent colds. So to the question of, do you squeeze the lemon or not over the karaage, there is now the interesting option of replying with, “I eat it!” And he’d like to start using this option.

    • ♪ Tsuki no Tomodachi ♪

    • For Master Piece this week, he played “FRIENDS” by Justin Bieber and BloodPop

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NEWS news.jpg

  • The twitter for ‘Juyosankonin Tantei’ tweeted a picture of Koyama’s costume for the drama. (Source)

  • It was announced on Sep 15 that NEWS will be performing “Chankapana” for Music Station Ultra Fes on Sep 18 (Source)

To see full Jweb updates in Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean you can subscribe for a small monthly fee.

  • NEWS Ring (Sep 13)


    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update this week.

    • He talked a bit about summer ending and that he was able to enjoy summer this year despite the bad weather.

      He picked the theme ‘important family’ and talked about how his family would be increasing soon, and he’s preparing for it. He said that he’s been visiting the new family member every day and that they’re really cute. At the end he mentioned that he’ll be making a lot of live appearances on tv.

  • Masuda Takahisa no MaruMaru (Sep 15)


    • Masuda Takahisa no NEWS ga 14 chai datteyo (NEWS is apparently 14)

    • He wrote about how he received a lot of congratulatory messages from the juniors and the staff and he remembered! That it was the 14th anniversary of their formation. He doesn’t pay much attention to such things but thanked the fans and staff for all their support. While it doesn’t hit home that it’s been 14 years, 14 years is amazing. Things are changing all the time, and working hard to match and deal with the changes are important. He’ll continue working hard everyday! He’s really fortunate to be in such a blessed situation when he’s doing what he likes, and he’ll do his best to improve himself as a professional so as to make the people supporting him on this journey happy. Please continue to support them.

  • Shige will be the featured Johnny in next week's edition of Saturday Johnny's (Source)

  • In the preview for next week’s episode of Netapare, it seems like Massu has dyed his hair black. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

18th-Sep-2017 07:30 am - [subs] NEWS ZERO - North Korea + Sho's volleyball interview + 9/11 comment (2017.09.11)
Hi everyone!

Here is this week's subbed NEWS ZERO.

You can get it here at my journal :)
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Continued from part 1

-----In the second act, you put on a revue that includes the Four Leaves, Shonentai, and the history of the formation of A.B.C-Z. Would you especially like perform a perfect copy of Shonentai’s choreography again?

Totsuka: We’ve got to do Shonentai!

Kawai: We’ve got to hand Shonentai over!! At a Johnny’s Jr. performance in EX THEATER ROPPONGI, Prince also did a Shonentai medley. And they put in a good effort.

Totsuka: Oh man, I wanted to see that too.

Kawai: Yeah, they put in the hard work and did the Shonentai choreography properly.

Tsukada: Hearing it again, “Prince” is an amazing group name. They’re princes! And it’s the same name as a world famous artist!

Totsuka: Stones (SixTones), too, right? They really toe the line, our agency does. (laugh)

Tsukada: There’s Travis (Travis Japan) too.

Goseki: Genre-wise Prince and Stones are just a bit different though. (laugh)

Totsuka: With world class dancing (laugh)

Tsukada: The names of the new groups have the whole world in their sights now. That’s Johnny-san for you.

Kawai: It really is amazing. There’s going to be all sorts of kids coming up behind us so we’ve got to work hard.

Totsuka: We have to watch out (laugh).

Hashimoto: We’re not going to lose to them!!


A.B.C-Z’s own “Johnny’s Densetsu”

Totsuka: Our debut announcement was a surprise at the press conference for 「ABC座 星(スター)劇場」(laugh).

Goseki: It was a surprise~ (laugh)

Tsukada: That’s Johnny’s for you.

Kawai: Speaking of surprises, Kanjani8’s Maruyama (Ryuhei)-kun sent us flowers for ABC座, didn’t he?

Hashimoto: He did. (laugh) That’s legendary!

Totsuka: Furthermore, he’s even come to one of our concerts.

Kawai: It was something like, we haven’t been hanging out or anything recently but he hopes A.B.C-Z does well (grin)

Goseki: That was nice, huh.

Tsukada: Our sempai are kind to us.

Totsuka: I have another legend from our sempai.

Hashimoto: Huh? What is it?

Totsuka: Nishikiori-san knows the roads better than Google does. No matter what the road is, he knows it! (laugh)

*Densetsu (伝説) means “legend” or “story” hence all the puns. I kept “densetsu” because I’ve found most people refer to the play as “Johnny’s Densetsu” even in English.

17th-Sep-2017 03:36 pm

Posted by nekobot01

As always I don't claim ownership over the original content but the translation is mine and meant for entertainment use ONLY. Do not copy. Do not re-post. Please buy the original magazine if you can. It has loads of lovely pictures of A.B.C-Z in suits. If you think I got something wrong, please leave a comment! (Or just to say hello!)


They want to create a work that has a fresh feeling and a balance of glamour and reality.

A.B.C-Z star in ABC座「ジャニーズ伝説」(ABCZa “Johnny’s Densetsu”). It’s been 3 years since they performed “Johnny’s Densetsu” in 2013 and 2014. We listened to Hashimoto Ryosuke, Totsuka Shota, Kawai Fumito, Tsukada Ryoichi, and Goseki Koichi, who already have all sorts of ideas for the new production.

-----So, in the fall, when your 5th anniversary tour is over, all the members will gather at Nissay Theater.

Kawai: The five of us will come together for the play… yeah, that’s right. It’s been a while for us. Probably since last year’s ABC座2016「株式会社応援屋~OH&YEAH!」 (Kabushiki Gaisha Ouenya~OH&YEAH!).

Tsukada: And in ABC座2016, as far as our roles went, I don’t remember us appearing much on stage together. It feels like I was always on stage with Goseki-kun.

Hashimoto: Definitely. It felt like the story was about getting the five of us to finally come together.

Kawai: Yeah, that’s right. There weren’t that many scenes of the five us all together in the story. And Goseki-kun hardly ever spoke.

Tsukada: Goseki-kun, were in the play?

Goseki: I was! (laugh)

-----Goseki-san was very active in his shogi genius role and even started a shogi boom. (laugh)

Totsuka: Goseki’s knight is leading the charge?!

Goseki: I wouldn’t say that (laugh). My character was a guy whose story inspired boys to take up shogi.

-----Is this year’s Johnny’s Densetsu 2017 a repeat of 2013’s Johnny’s Densetsu?

Kawai: I don’t think it’s going to be exactly the same without any changes.

Hashimoto: We’re still at the stage of working out the story though~

Totsuka: The foundation of four-man group the Johnnys going to Los Angeles will be the same though.

Kawai: Last time, the setting was the four Johnnys going to America but, in reality, Johnny (Kitagawa)-san was also on the trip. He was the group leader. This time it’d be nice to create a Johnny-san type of role in the story and he could appear on stage.

-----Other than that, what about this work is new? Is there anything you’d like to do?

Kawai: Generally speaking, I think I’d like to make a peppier work. Last time we needed to give a detailed explanation of the Johnnys creation period but this year I’d like to do something that has a nice balance of glamour and reality.

Hashimoto: It’s nice to do Johnny’s Densetsu again with a new goal. Thinking about what we can do differently, with a fresh feeling. I’m looking forward to that.

Totsuka: We’re absolutely going to do some new things. After all, we’re Johnny’s. (laugh)

Hashimoto: Right? We’re going to take it to the next level, go after more details, things that really happened to Johnny-san and the guys, I really want to dig into all of that.

-----Plus-a, it seems like there are still stories from Johnny-san that most people don’t know.

Goseki: There are!

Hashimoto: Last time for Johnny’s Densetsu we heard a ton of stories from Johnny-san.

Kawai: Yeah. It was fascinating. They were all stories that even we hadn’t heard before. There was no way we could use them all.

Tsukada: And the link between the stories of us creating a new “Johnny’s Densetsu” by releasing the song “Never My Love” in Japan through Johnny’s Densetsu was nice.*

Goseki: Yeah, it was. Our “Johnny’s Densetsu” became a part of the “densetsu”.

Tsukada: Yup. The “densetsu” continues!!

Hashimoto: I want to hear some stories from Aoi Teruhiko-san~ Aoi-san, if your schedule allows it, even if it’s only one day, please come and see our rehearsals! Please!

Totsuka: Ah~ I’d love it if Aoi-san came to watch us rehearse.

Hashimoto: And then… Iino Osami-san! Please come visit!

-----Aoi-san and Iino-san appear as characters in Johnny’s Densetsu, don’t they.

Hashimoto: Yes. That’s why it would be good if we could hear the stories directly from them.

Goseki: They definitely have tons of stories we haven’t heard yet.

Hashimoto: Yeah! Let’s make Johnny’s Densetsu even better!

Kawai: I want to know more about what might have happened when they were off on their own in America. Seeing that should also be part of the character-building.

Goseki: Yeah, I agree. Last time each character had their own vignette but it’d be nice to anchor those more in reality.

Totsuka: Johnny-san is protective of the “true story”. He says, a star’s story is prone to mythologizing.

-----The Johnnys should have released a song in America and making that illusory song “Never my Love” known to the public was another duty you performed, wasn’t it.

Tsukada: That’s right. That song was important to Johnny’s Densetsu.

-----At the time, in this magazine, Hashimoto said, “I’m going to keep singing it my whole life, that’s what kind of song it is.” Do you remember that?

Hashimoto: It’s a tough song, you know. Really. With the English lyrics and all.

Totsuka: Really tough~!

Hashimoto: It took way longer to record than any of our other songs.

Tsukada: I bet Hasshi’s (Hashimoto) vocals on “Never my Love” will be taking a step forward.

Hashimoto: How though~ (laugh)

Totsuka: They will. If you put your mind to it. As a group we must keep moving forward.

Tsukada: Your skills have increased… so I think you’ll make progress! (Looking at Totsuka) Wouldn’t you say you’ve got confidence in him?

Totsuka: [In English] Of course!!

Tsukada: Yes!

Totsuka: This year we’re going to enchant you. This year’s “Never My Love” will have a somewhat different flavor than before! I want to take ownership of those words. So we can build off of all the good work that each of us five did this year.

Tsukada: Oh yeah, each of us did have all sorts of experiences this year.

Hashimoto: I want to put those experiences to use in my singing.

Tsukada: I’d like to hear the Johnny’s Jr.’s try to sing the song too.

Goseki: During rehearsals last time, we heard Nishikiori (Kazukiyo)-san’s version. I thought, wow, we really are inheriting this song from a previous generation.

Totsuka: It really was an honor to have been able to release it.

Goseki: I want to keep doing it justice.

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Arashi ni Shiyagare (16.09.17)

Details : Guests are Sato Takeru and Ayano Go l There is This is MJ corner with Kuwata Matt, and Bread Death Match plus Kakurega Arashi with Ohno Satoshi and Sunshine Ikezaki

Format : mp4 l 1280x720 l RAW
Length : 46mins 05secs l 511mb
Link : MEGA l MF
17th-Sep-2017 02:16 am

Posted by kristal_brooks

Today's IntroTalk is about Arashi's 18th anniversary! \o/ Will Arashi celebrate this year? What's the address to Ohno's house? And is Arashi's anniversary really the 15th?

Click on Arashi bowing to find out!
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Today's IntroTalk is about Arashi's 18th anniversary! \o/ Will Arashi celebrate this year? What's the address to Ohno's house? And is Arashi's anniversary really the 15th?

Click on Arashi bowing to find out!
16th-Sep-2017 11:52 am - VS Arashi 2017.09.14 - 5x18
Today's IntroTalk is about Arashi's 18th anniversary! \o/ Will Arashi celebrate this year? What's the address to Ohno's house? And is Arashi's anniversary really the 15th?

Click on Arashi bowing to find out!
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VS Arashi (14.09.17) Guest : Movie "Sanposuru Shinryakusha" Team

Details : The lovely Nagasawa Masami guested again /giggles and i'm here stalking Nino / LOL. Oh, btw, Happy 18th Anniversary, Arashi!

Format : mp4 l 1280x720 l RAW
Length : 47mins 33secs l 540mb
Link : MEGA l MF l MEGA

(credit : TVFP)
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Time flies, and our boys have grown as wonderful human beings and artists!! They've overcome many tough moments in the past, everyone knows that, but now they are strong enough to face any new obstacle thanks to their individual talents, bond as a group, and overlall the love and support from all their fans. They've given us great moments to treasure in our hearts for 14 years but this is not the end, not even close. This is just the beginning of a promising future. We wish them to continue getting much more success because they deserve it!!

If you want to share your love for NEWS with other paanas, feel free to post your messages, pictures, videos or anything you want here.

Also, if you have a twitter account, make sure to share your thoughts there too, using these tags:

This community is also celebrating its 3rd anniversary since it was born as a special gift for NEWS 11th anniversary in September 2014. We want to thank the people who helped with the project, and to all the fans who supported the idea since the beginning. Thanks for your participation throughout all of this time!

We hope to be able to hold a special celebration next year on the 15th!

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Please see part 1 here.

Kawai: My role is Mori-san’s character Akagi Reiko’s manager Sutani. What Sutani and I have in common is that we’re both the type who get lonely easily. Those kinds of lines are in the play but Sutani also has a feeling of, “Helping other people is what keeps me going.” There’s simply meddling in other’s people’s business but I also think that you can want to be of some use to people, to not want to be alone… Like if you had good friends that were a couple and you helped them with some advice. That’s not too much to ask.

Teranishi: That is just meddling in other’s people’s business! (laugh)

Kawai: But what if they come to me? (laugh) My friends are really important to me though. And that goes for my kouhai too. I look out for them.

Teranishi: I hope that Kawai-kun… no, Kawai-kun will look out for me, too!

Kawai: You said the same thing to Yaracchi… [Earlier this year Teranishi appeared in the play Crossheart which starred Yara Tomoyuki.]

Teranishi: Yara-kun and Kawai-kun are completely different people.

Kawai: Should I deny it… (laugh) Well, for this play I get to encourage Tera. When I see you all confident at the rehearsal space, I think to myself, “Good job, kid.”

Teranishi: I think the reason that I--a Jr.--have been given a big chance like this is thanks to the hard work put in by each and every one of my sempai. And that is why I cannot afford to make a mistake now.

Kawai: Let’s forget the sempai-kouhai relationship for the moment and just focus on doing good work. Then when the play is over, maybe Tera and I will have become good friends.

Teranishi: Kawai-kun, you already promised to invite me over to your house.

Kawai: When you come over, I’m just going to make you watch A.B.C-Z’s DVDs.

Teranishi: How long will it take?

Kawai: Probably about 8 hours. And don’t forget to say thank you afterwards.

Teranishi: Ok, I’ll try my best. (laugh)


Favorite Ride

Kawai: Do you go to like theme parks with the other Jrs.?

Teranishi: Yes. I like all the fast rides. But I’m scared of haunted houses. These days you can get a passport to go through the special lines and stuff, right? But I’m usually like, “I’m sorry. I don’t have money, so I’ll just wait.” (laugh)

Kawai: I won’t go on the fast rides or the haunted house. If there are no cameras around then you aren’t getting me near a theme park. (laugh)

Teranishi: See, that’s also unexpected… Have you always been scared of those?

Kawai: Yeah. Even if I went, all I’d ride were the go-karts. After that, I’d just hang around the theme park arcade. (laugh)


What do they think of each other?

Teranishi: I was most surprised by how serious he was back stage. I heard somebody say, “In the dressing room, he doesn’t seem to talk about himself much with the other members. But on stage his conversation is so natural.” And that hit the nail on the head for me.

Kawai: All I can say is, “Even Tsukada is different in business meetings…” (laugh) My impression of Tera was always that he was a little punk. (laugh)

Teranishi: Actually, I’ve heard that a lot. (huge laugh) What about me is punk-like?

Kawai: I guess you could say that you have a unique charm. Even though you’re not particularly good looking, you’ve got a kind of devil-may-care handsomeness that people like, right? That makes you a punk.

Teranishi: Handsome… I like hearing that!

Kawai: Sorry, “Handsome” is pushing it a bit far. (laugh) But you do have charm, I think. Don’t the fans even say, “He’s killing us with his pheromones!”

Teranishi: A ha ha! Well, that’s not something I’m aware of so even if they said it, I’d mostly be confused.

Kawai: It’s a charm that oozes out from inside, though. I’m jealous. You should just pretend to be a “former punk”! (laugh)

Teranishi: No way! I’m declaring myself a “former soccer player”! (laugh)

*So, Kawai says 歌い尻をしゃくって literally “bending the song butt” which I found highly amusing but basically he’s referring to how pop singers will bend notes up or down for emphasis and that he is in the habit of doing it, especially at the end of a line. Check out this video for an example.

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Hello, yes, I'm back on my translation kick! And the lucky beneficiaries are anybody who wants to read a lot about A.B.C-Z!!! Please enjoy this adorable crosstalk between Kawai and Tera. ♥

As always, I'm still not a professional nor am I fluent. If you notice a mistake or think I've mistranslated something please let me know--just do so kindly!

I claim no ownership over the original material but the translation is mine and to be used FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Do not copy.

Musical Comedy “Nodo Jiman” ~ ue wo muite arukou~

The musical comedy Nodo Jiman is about the laughter and tears of people struggling to overcome obstacles in order to appear on the popular television program “Nodo Jiman.” A.B.C-Z’s Kawai Fumito and Johnny’s Jr. Teranishi Takuto, sempai-kouhai from the same agency, have a musical showdown…!? We spoke to them at an At Home rehearsal space.

Original text by Mizuho Seo

Kawai Fumito x Teranishi Takuto

Kawai: When we [the whole cast] met were you nervous?

Teranishi: I was super nervous…

Kawai: Me too. Now matter how many times I experience it, that particular “first day” feeling makes me nervous.

Teranishi: Really? Kawai-kun seemed so confident. I was at an “these are all people I’ve seen on TV” level of nervousness… (big laugh)

Kawai: I had to sit right next to Mori Masako-san so of course I was nervous! But I thought the veteran actors would be spoiling us.

Teranishi: Okay, please spoil me and Kawai-kun.

Kawai: Right. Obviously we can’t say that.

Teranishi: Of course not! (laugh) You could say we can rely on them, that’s normal...

Kawai: Tera (Teranishi) has already worked with A.B.C-Z a bunch of times, right.

Teranishi: Two years ago in 「ABC座 2015」 I even learned Kawai-kun’s backstage face.

Kawai: My backstage face! What’s that? (laugh)

Teranishi: Because I have a strong image of you as the host of  少クラ(The Shonen Club) I thought Kawai-kun had a talkative “good at quips” personality. But it’s not just working out quips, you’re the type of person who before a performance really prepares and works out the way things will go in advance…

Kawai: That’s because we write most of 「ABC座」. (With a serious face) I’m sure I’ve said this before but regarding drama, I have no advice to give. Ask Tottsu (Totsuka Shota).

Teranishi: Huh?! (laugh)

Kawai: (laugh) But haven’t you already gotten advice from different people?

Teranishi: Yes. Before this Maeda Gin-san [note: he’s legendary actor and played Mori Masako’s father in the play] told me, “I feel like I’ve helped raise you this past month.” I was super surprised. I was like, am I dreaming?!

Kawai: Tera, I’m surprised to hear you say that. Even though you’re still young, you’re incredible earnest, like “I’m so grateful to hear what semapi have to say.” You know, when I was Tera’s age, I was the rebellious type, like “I’m going to do things my own way!”

Teranishi: That’s also an unexpected side of Kawai-kun.

Kawai: Then, using my own strength of will, I searched for the answer. And because I couldn’t find anything, now when I work, I earnestly listen to everybody’s opinions. (laugh)

Teranishi: But it’s important to look for the answer within yourself too! From the beginning I’ve just been relying on everybody else…

Kawai: If we ever saw Tera searching for something, everybody would say, “Let’s help!”

Teranishi: Even the other day when the cast went out for dinner, everybody was giving me advice.

Kawai: Ah… I heard that when I wasn’t there everybody went out for dinner. Sounded like fun…

Teranishi: Please know it wasn’t something I planned…!

Kawai: I’m just joking! (laugh) So, did people talk about me? (laugh)

Teranishi: Everybody said, “Kawai-kun has done so many plays, he’s fine.”

Kawai: That’s so not true though?! Even now when I’m reading the script, I’m torn over what the best way to play (his role) Sutani is. Because I’ve got to handle a lot of boilerplate lines, how can I loosen them up, and so on.

Teranishi: I see! Even after memorizing the lines in the script, you still need to think about the different ways you can inject some personality into it. Kawai-kun, normally, how do you go about working on a character?

Kawai: If it’s something like this where the play has a lot of comedy and the role is pretty close to my own personality, maybe I don’t have to do too much. The one where I had to start completely from scratch was Kiku in (2016) Coin Locker Babies. Because Kiku didn’t have a single thing in common with me, in order for his way of speaking and movements not to appear awkward or confused, I had to construct him carefully.

Teranishi: I see! My character Junichi is a junior in college. I had thought I should play him simply but then I was thinking that maybe his feelings toward his mother, who raised him all alone, are complicated… Ogawa Natsumi-san, who is playing my mother, said, “We should try all sorts of different things,” so I’m going to try!

Kawai: Tera you even have a solo song, don’t you.

Teranishi: Yes. I get to sing “Daydream Believer”.

Kawai: Have you ever sang a solo song in a play before?

Teranishi: Actually, this is my first solo…

Kawai: Really. Well, you can relax because all of Tera’s fans in the audience, as well as me and Mori-san on stage, will be watching you with rapt attention.

Teranishi: Uh… If you say things like that, I’m going to be more nervous… (laugh)

Kawai: I also have a singing scene. I sing 「越冬つばめ」(Mori Masako’s famous “Ehttou Tsubame” or the hibernating sparrow) with Kozuki Wataru-san but it’s overwhelming how skilled she is as a singer and the pressure of having to sing this song right in front of Mori Masako-san herself, I might just collapse on stage… (laugh) But, one of the things about this work is that the songs are only in “Nodo Jiman” (the show within the play) so we have to showcase them properly.

Teranishi: It’s not a musical but you need to change your style of singing from what you usually do, right?

Kawai: When I was doing Coin Locker Babies the singing coach would always scold me about bending my notes* at the end of a phrase and so on. “I hear an idol right now,” the coach would scold me. (huge laugh) But in Nodo Jiman there’s everything from J-Pop to enka, all sorts of songs appear in the show. And I think it’s nice that for each type of song, there is a different type of singer.

Teranishi: And when it comes to singing, I can ask you for advice.

Kawai: Please refer all questions on that to Hashimoto. (laugh) Ah, but you sang “Vanilla” when you were a guest on A.B.C-Z’s radio show [A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 2017.05.09], didn’t you?

Teranishi: I really love that song!

Kawai: I was singing next to Tera and we got a lot of messages from the listeners saying, “Kawai is too loud! I can’t hear Teranishi.” (laugh) But that was my strategy for getting them to come out to see Nodo Jiman! You can’t hear Tera’s beautiful voice that easily. (laugh) Hey, people who want to hear Tera, come to Nodo Jiman! (laugh)

Teranishi: (huge laugh)

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Title: Celebrity Crush
Pairing/Focus: Aimiya, Matsumiya, Sakumiya
Rating: PG-15 – R for mild language
Warnings: mention of a minor character's death, maybe a little angst-ish
Summary: Ninomiya Kazunari - gossip journalist and paparazzo - is known and feared for sneaking into celebrities' private lives and uncovering their dirty little secrets before they even notice. Sometimes, he does not even back off from using flirting or – should the occasion arise – more to reach his goals. One day, he takes up the challenge to expose the past of contemporary popular actor Sakurai Sho, who is meticulously hiding his private life from the public . Will Nino be able to find something out?

Read Chapter 1 on AO3
Read Chapter 2 on AO3
Read Chapter 3 on AO3
Read Chapter 4 on AO3
Read Chapter 5 on AO3
*NEW Read Chapter 6 (FINAL) on AO3


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Hello, my fellow Arashians!
We are looking for trustworthy and honest individuals who can adjust their finicky tastes on the Arashi fansubbed videos they usually watch to be a part of a new subbing community.

If you have what it takes to be a member of the new community called Signal No. 5, can be relied upon to keep secrets and is truthful about what they do, do not mind inaccuracies and errors in their subs, and is inherently interested to be its member, kindly proceed to this post to apply.

The post would be open on September 15, 2017 at 00:00 HK/Singapore/PH Time (GMT + 8). Posting this as early as September 14 to see who will be really interested in joining.

Read the guidelines carefully as we welcome those who are new to LiveJournal and have less than three (3) posts. However, we're looking for other requirements rather than your length of stay in LJ.

We hope you could be one of our members and that you could join us in our humble home to share the happiness that the five members of Arashi gives us.

We would only be accepting accplications from Sept. 15- Sept. 24, and would be adding all of the applicants who passed the requirements completely on Sept. 25.

We would be implementing this schedule strictly along with the rules and requirements, so expect that we would be closing the application period on Sept. 25 at 00:00 HK/Singapore/PH Time (GMT + 8).

We would be deleting this post on the middle day of the application period (Sept 20), or earlier if deemed necessary, to see who is really interested in joining the community, and we will be posting again once application resumes in the coming months.
Thank you very much and we hope to see you in the community!

P.S. To those who joined the community during the pre-application and was not able to pass the other requirements, you need not to go back to Step 1. Continue where you left and proceed on that. There are also applicants who forgot to click the "Join the Community" button during the pre-application period. Review all the requirements first if they are already completed before clicking the button.
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