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2nd-Jan-2013 11:36 am
I haven't been able to get LJ to load long enough to post a new year's post, so we'll see how crossposting from dreamwidth works. *fingers crossed* (speaking of dw, if any LJ people want to add me there, I have the same username, just let me know who you are if your username is different)

My new year didn't start off much different from any other day the past couple months. I ended up going to bed around 10:30 new year's eve because I haven't been feeling well lately. Then I woke up to a defriending notice from LJ. So that was fun. According to her LJ post, she removed everyone who didn't meet her comment quota for the year. But she hasn't been commenting too much to me either, so it's a two way street. She added me back after I left a comment on her post, but I haven't done anything about it. (and even if I wanted to, LJ has barely loaded long enough for me to take care of arashi_on queue stuff). I don't know, I'm getting kind of sick of her guilt trips and the games she plays so maybe it's time to part ways. It's just hard when it's an LJ friend who turned into a RL friend. :/

Back in fandom land: I finally started watching fall season dramas. I've watched all the currently subbed episodes of Priceless and Monsters and I just finished episode four of Osozaki no Himawari. I'm enjoying them all for very different reasons. Monsters is the most fun to watch, but I think Osozaki no Himawari is the one where I care about the characters the most, and Priceless, well, Kimura dramas are always a must-watch.

I haven't been able to watch ANY of the year end music shows because they're all four hours long and I never have that much time to myself. I haven't even watched Arafes yet. :( I did finally manage to find torrents of Countdown and Kouhaku that are a decent size, so I have them downloaded and ready to watch. I'm planning to watch Countdown before I leave for work this afternoon since it's only an hour long.

And this kind of touches on my one resolution for 2013. I don't even really like calling it a resolution, it's just something that I HAVE to do: move out on my own again. When I first moved back in with my parents this summer, it wasn't so bad. I had plenty of opportunities to get down to the Cities to see my friends, and my parents were gone every weekend so I had my my own time and space. Bust starting this fall, I've been absolutely miserable. My mom is ALWAYS THERE. No mater how many times I try to tell her that I need a little time to myself, she doesn't understand because she needs to be around people 24/7. December has been especially bad because work has been hell and then I get home and instead of quiet time to wind down, I get pulled into one of my mom's projects. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents but I just can't live with them. And living in a smalltown sucks when you have no friends there and there's nothing to do.

It should be obvious that my goal is to get a job and move out (and I have been applying for jobs and had a couple of interviews but I guess nobody likes me). But this isn't just something that I should do, it's something that I really need to do for my own well-being.
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24th-Oct-2010 07:00 pm - call my nameless name now~
Sooooo, yes, it's been a while. >.>;; My life is being sucked up by midterms, and what time I have left... I've spent it scanning. My old (and crappy) scanner died and my mom's printer died, so we together we bought a really nice printer/scanner. :D It scans like a dreeeeeam, omg. I completely scanned one magazine and now I'm halfway through another. XD;

In other news... I'm getting excited for Jin con in Chicago. Jackie and I have a tentative itinerary set up for what will be a very busy weekend. :D This had better be awesome because I'm missing the Arashi pajama party that is being planned. XD;

Three of my five classes are annoying me. >.> Classical Japanese literature has turned into a class on feminism. Dark Ages Illumined is just the professor standing in front reading an extremely dry academic paper for half the period and the other half is spent discussing Saints' Lives while he insults our intelligence. :| US History... I actually like the class, but our professor fails to email readings more than 12 hours before we need to read them for class and the TA ripped my midterm paper to shreds because it wasn't specific enough, but... the sources were were given were extremely vague and mostly generalizations. :/

OTHER NEWS: I have a new Dreamwidth here~. Add me if you want. :D Same username as LJ because it's easier that way. XD I've been meaning to make a new DW and now with all of the strange rumors going around about LJ... it's better to be a sheep and follow everyone over there. I'm still going to be using LJ and all of my posts (except for my twitter posts, maybe) will be posted in both places.

FANDOM NOTE: I am THISCLOSE to finally finishing AnS. I've been putting it off for.... a long time. >.>;; I love this show. <3

I need to watch more fandom stuff in general, but it's hard because I'm still pretty dependant on subs and it's hard to do homework or study while watching subbed stuff. >.<;;

I need to do a puppy picspam post, but I'm too lazy to try to find my camera. *sigh*
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