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24th-Oct-2010 07:00 pm - call my nameless name now~
Sooooo, yes, it's been a while. >.>;; My life is being sucked up by midterms, and what time I have left... I've spent it scanning. My old (and crappy) scanner died and my mom's printer died, so we together we bought a really nice printer/scanner. :D It scans like a dreeeeeam, omg. I completely scanned one magazine and now I'm halfway through another. XD;

In other news... I'm getting excited for Jin con in Chicago. Jackie and I have a tentative itinerary set up for what will be a very busy weekend. :D This had better be awesome because I'm missing the Arashi pajama party that is being planned. XD;

Three of my five classes are annoying me. >.> Classical Japanese literature has turned into a class on feminism. Dark Ages Illumined is just the professor standing in front reading an extremely dry academic paper for half the period and the other half is spent discussing Saints' Lives while he insults our intelligence. :| US History... I actually like the class, but our professor fails to email readings more than 12 hours before we need to read them for class and the TA ripped my midterm paper to shreds because it wasn't specific enough, but... the sources were were given were extremely vague and mostly generalizations. :/

OTHER NEWS: I have a new Dreamwidth here~. Add me if you want. :D Same username as LJ because it's easier that way. XD I've been meaning to make a new DW and now with all of the strange rumors going around about LJ... it's better to be a sheep and follow everyone over there. I'm still going to be using LJ and all of my posts (except for my twitter posts, maybe) will be posted in both places.

FANDOM NOTE: I am THISCLOSE to finally finishing AnS. I've been putting it off for.... a long time. >.>;; I love this show. <3

I need to watch more fandom stuff in general, but it's hard because I'm still pretty dependant on subs and it's hard to do homework or study while watching subbed stuff. >.<;;

I need to do a puppy picspam post, but I'm too lazy to try to find my camera. *sigh*
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6th-Jul-2010 06:59 pm - POLL TIME
[livejournal.com profile] miquilis disagreed with Jackie and I on who has the most kissable lips in Arashi. OBVIOUSLY we are right and she is wrong, but to prove her wrongness, it is time for a poll. And if this poll proves that Jackie and I are wrong, well, this poll never existed and this post will be deleted. :D.


EDIT: VOTING WITH RP ACCOUNTS DOES NOT COUNT, no matter who you vote for. :| I meant for this to be a "spam the post with pictures to prove your point" rather than "spam the poll with fake accounts."

[Poll #1588766]
RP account votes that don't count:
-5 Jun
-3 Sho

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4th-Oct-2009 12:13 pm - pickle paaaaaaarty
So those of you who are following fake!Arashi & co. on Twitter (or those of you who are actually said fake people on twitter) will know that last night was EPICLY EPIC. To the point where I just had to make icons. >.>


Y'all have been amusing but now I need to go do my much-neglected homework. *kry*
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